If it be Socialism let us make the most of it

I finally have heard it all.  I just got a not from my Talking Points Memo site that shocked me.  In the memo, or article, it stated that the Methodist Church had gone Socialist?  A lie but nevertheless an eye cathing story. 

In the article noted here the leader of the Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips passed a United Methodist Church that had a sign that stated “support the DREAM act”.  Now the Methodists have gone socialist.  I knew I was a member for a reason.  Actually, I resigned my membership in the United Methodist Church over its hypocritical treatment of a known minister who was “gay” and was well liked by her straight parisioners who had the sense not to give a dam.  but if Judson Phillips is correct then all of Christianity is in danger.  I mean what about all these socialist teachings of Christ.

For example, give to ceaser what is ceaser’s and to the lord what is the lord.  What nonsense!  Like Socialists want to give anything to the state for their ideal is to make the state work for the people, because the people are the state.  Hence synonomous. 

How about the idea of helping the poor.  What nonsense these are underseving loafers who need to get a job and be productive.  Let’s not forget that their jobs have been ousourced by a government that has been, and still is, giving tax cuts to the rich.

Share your belongings!!  Now that is extreme.  Why share your stuff with everyone else,  I mean we cannot have that.  We must at all times preserve the legal and social concept of property so that we know what is ours.  Hence, we know what we are entitled. 

Turn the other cheek, have mercy on people, look after the people in prison,  I mean it is no wonder the Romans went nuts over this socialist twadle.  My only concern is that Judson Phillips is just now realizing that Christ was a socialist.  Talk about late bloomers.  And then there is his scandalous magic with the loaves and bread.  I mean feeding 5000 people for FREE what ever happened to free enterprise!!! why did he not sell concessions and make money for his teachings.  I mean he was just giving it away.  And what about helping all these poor, defenseless, and feeble people.  I mean they only help by decreasing the surpolus population – to steal from Dickens. 

What is apparent at this time of the year is that evangelicals stand for their own profit, for example the McDonalds in their church, the captialistic system of selling goods to people for profit.  Their churches have become temples of capitalism and they have forgotten what Christ really meant.  So in this season of Chritsmas.  Let’s remember the man who fed the sick, helped the poor and undesirables and outcasts of their world and go to a Methodist Church.  They seem to understand the real meaning of Chritisanity.

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